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Ceramic infrared Tiles

The radiationdevices have been fitted with ceramic burner plates, which are produced in-house. Thanks to further development by our research & development department the ceramic burner plates possess excellent technical properties. Because of this the maximum efficiency can be achieved from the ceramic burner plates.

Alke ceramic burner plates and burners can be used for several purposes:
1. Dehumidifiers
2. Barbeques and grills
3. Infrared area heating
4. Burners for gastronomy, for example for the preparation of döner kebab/gyro/gyros and rotisserie.
5. Burners for drying paper, textile and polish/paint and for de-icing installations.
6. Bright radiant and Black tube heaters for factory floors, logistics, sports stadiums, hangars, churches and terrace heating
7. Burners for boilers with flue-gas condensation as well as conventional boilers.

Alke is a worldwide leader in the field of gas-infrared burners and ceramic tiles for heating systems. The Tiles are being produced in-house and great store is being set to their quality.

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