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Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

New model identification

For the Alke Agricultural appliances

ALKE sunny
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Outdoor - Atmosphere - Sunny

Direct gasfired heater: 0.8-1.2 kW
Technical specifications
Gas pressure50 mbar37 mbar30 mbar
Injector diameter0,47 mm0,51 mm0,51 mm
Heat input Butane Hs 1,2 kW - 1,0 kW
Hi1,1 kW - 0,9 kW
Heat input Propane Hs1,05 kW1,0 kW0,9 kW
Hi0,95 kW0,9 kW0,8 kW
Gas consumption Butane84 gr/hr - 72 gr/hr
Propane72 gr/hr71 gr/hr63 gr/hr
Gas categoryI3B/PI3+I3B/P, I3+
PIN 0063BL33660063BL33660063BL3366
Countries of destinationGB, IE, MTGB, IE, MTGB, IE, MT
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