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For the Alke Agricultural appliances

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products for the Pig industry

Infrared heating has been used in animal husbandry for many years amongst which pig farming. Our infrared heating doesn’t affect the relative humidity. This restricts the spread of bacteria and germs. The infrared heater doesn’t emit visible light and therefore doesn’t disrupt the animals sleep cycle.

Long wave infrared is also being used by physiotherapists during treatments. It is relaxing for the human body. This also applies to animals, where it is proven to be anti-inflammatory. It penetrates several millimetres into the skin. It improves blood circulation and allows for a better blood supply to muscle tissue. In practice, the pigs have a cleaner look concerning its colour and are in a better psychological state. Diarrhoea fails to come, which is the main cause of death of piglets. Milk secretion appears to improve and the animals become calmer. The use of less medication brings about that the pigs become healthier.

  • Ceramic

    The classic ALKE ceramic gasbrooders.

  • AP-Series

    The Stainless steel AP series make a very cost effective choice.

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