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Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

New model identification

For the Alke Agricultural appliances

AP 2 FTi
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Pigs - AP-Series - AP 2 FT

Stainless steel gasbrooder with filter and individual thermostat
2 models of thermostats are available, Intergrated sensor in the thermostatknob (FTi) or with a sensor 1,25 Mtr(FT).
Capacity: 1,20 - 5,5 kW
GasP (mBar)Cap. (kW)gr/hWeight(Kg)CE
G31 Propane3001,60 - 5,003601,7Yes
G31 Propane14001,20 - 5,504001,7Yes
GasP (mBar)Cap. (kW)m3/hWeight(Kg)CE
G20 Natural502,45 - 3,500,351,4Yes
G20 Natural3000,90 - 5,100,481,4Yes

Download AP series ALKE.pdf
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