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New Terrace heaters

Since the first of April, we have our newest AL 4-6-7 Series available! This professional patio heater is made in our...

Global 10

Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...



Alke product range for the poultry industry

More than 1.6 million Alke gasfired Infrared heaters have already found their way to over 90 countries worldwide. Because of that we distinguish ourselves from our competitors and we are able to call ourselves “professionals” in this industry.

An optimal environment is of great importance to poultry. Especially the first days of growth creates the foundation for the animals’ further development. Research has shown that the use of infrared heating stimulates the growth of young animals. This is because of the radiant heat that warms the animals. This radiation can be compared to the heat from the sun.

Infrared heating has been applied for many years in agriculture and cattle breeding. Our unique agrarian heating systems offer several advantages compared to conventional heating.

The advantages of gas-infrared heating:
1. Speeding up animals’ growth.
2. Lower investment costs.
3. Quick and efficient warming-up time.
4. No airflow and operating quietly.
5. Allows heating an area without walls.
6. 50% less CO2 emission compared to conventional heating.
7. 60% energy conservation compared to conventional heating.

  • Agrolec

    The Agrolec is the first electric heater that we developed for agricultural business

  • Air Force Boxheater

    The Alke Air Force 75 is an innovative air heater made of high-quality materials. The heater has a robust design and is easy in operation. For maintenance the doors can be simply removed.

  • Ceramic series

    The classic ALKE ceramic gasbrooders.

  • AK-HL Series

    Radiant Tube heaters for poulltry houses

  • AP series

    The Stainless steel AP series make a very cost effective choice.

  • Global series

    The famous ALKE Global series

  • Megasun serie

    Canopy Gasbrooder 12 kW, low pressure

  • Regulation equipment

    Gas control devices and systems.

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