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Megasun 12-Ei
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Poultry - Megasun serie - Megasun 12-Ei

Robust Canopy gasbrooder for the poultry industry.
GasP (mBar)Cap. (kW)gr/hm3/hWeight(Kg)

Designed for single or multi-zone installations using one or more thermostats. A Zone Control is required to provide a 230-Volt power supply to each brooder. The burner is controlled with a Electronic Ignition Device (EID) switch, which is designed to provide 100 percent gas shut off of the main valve in the event that the main burner flame is not sensed.

The advantages of the Megasun are:
- Alke's Megasun 12 provides fuel efficient infrared heat for a variety of poultry applications
- New inside insulation cone helps to maintain high efficiency
- Strong, will not crumble or breakdown
- Suitable for low natural and LPG gas supply pressures
- 4 control options to fit your individual need
- Factory pre-assembled components for quick installation

Leaflet Megasun-12
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