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Since the first of April, we have our newest AL 4-6-7 Series available! This professional patio heater is made in our...

Global 10

Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...


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Poultry - Global series

The famous ALKE Global series

The design of the Global heater with spherical cone (all radiation heat is spotting 95% downwards) and large range in capacity between maximum and minimum made this heater world famous. The spherical gas burner emits infrared rays into an even round structure.
The combination with a round reflector creates radiation heat evenly and uniform spreaded on the brooding area.
The large spherical gas burner includes a small spherical gas burner operating as a distribution plate which combusts dust and carbon without leaving any residue in the small gas burner. This is important as the Global is operating without an air filter. In case the environment is extremely dusty we recommend the use of the air filter ( optional available )
The Global Brooder is equipped with a safety device and thermocouple. Optional is an thermostatic valve in combination with a sensor of 1.25 meters available. Since a few years the Global is also available with electronic ignition!

The advantages of the Global are:
- Two spherical gas burners of special heat resistant stainless steel
- No air filter needed ( optional available )
- Stainless steel reflector
- Stainless steel venturi pipe
- Spherical gas burner that transmit all produced heat toward the ground
- An individual capillary thermostatic valve, measuring the temperature on floor level
- It localizes the heat on the ground
- No electricity needed
- Uniform temperature, without drastic variations
- Easy maintenance ( not effected by water )

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