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New Terrace heaters

Since the first of April, we have our newest AL 4-6-7 Series available! This professional patio heater is made in our...

Global 10

Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

Global 10-2FSEi
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Aves de corral - Global serie - Global 10-SEi

Equipped con valvula solenoid y encendido electronico
Otras modelos
Global 10-2FSEi con 2 Filtros de aire y encendido electronico
Global 10-SEiHa con valvula solenoide, encendido electronico y por alta altitud, >1400meter

GasP (mbar)Cap. (kW)gr/hPeso(Kg)CE
G31 Propane14000,0 / 1,9 / 9,506804,2Si
G31 Propane20000,0 / 1,4 / 8,806304,2No

Folleto Global 10-2FEi, Espa├▒ol
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