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Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

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For the Alke Agricultural appliances


Siavs Brasil

from 27-08-2019 till 29-08-2019

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from 09-10-2019 till 11-10-2019

13013005 Alketherm MK1 230V Ceme prop.20_90-1400mb 12kg
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Poultry - Regulation equipment - AlkeTherm MK1

Gas regulator with Solenoidvalve - Central control
Gas control panel with a solenoid valve MK1 for the selection of high or low gas supply to the heaters. An external thermostat or temperature computer is needed to operate the valve MK1 to maintain the temperature requested.

P inP outGasCap.Voltage
1.5-8 bar20-1400 mbarPropane/Butane or mix40 kg240V-50/60Hz
1.5-8 bar20-1400 mbarPropane/Butane or mix12 kg240V-50/60Hz
1.5-8 bar20-1400 mbarPropane/Butane or mix12 kg24V-50/60Hz
1.5-8 bar5-400 mbarPropane/Butane or mix6 kg240V-50/60Hz
1.5-8 bar5-300 mbarPropane/Butane or mix4 kg240V-50/60Hz
1.5-8 bar50-150 mbarPropane/Butane or mix4 kg240V-50/60Hz
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