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Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

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For the Alke Agricultural appliances


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from 27-08-2019 till 29-08-2019

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13017102 Alketherm MK1 HP11 230v Prop 20-1400 mbr 12KGh
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Poultry - Regulation equipment - AlkeTherm MK1-HP11

Gas regulator, digitally controlled
Gas control panel with a solenoid valve MK1 for the selection of high or low gas supply to the heaters. A thermostat HP11 is integrated to operate the valve MK1 to maintain the temperature requested.

P inP outGasCap.Voltage
1.5-8 bar20-1400 mbarPropane/Butane or mix12 kg240V-50/60Hz
1.5-8 bar5-400 mbarPropane/Butane or mix6 kg240V-50/60Hz
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