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Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

New model identification

For the Alke Agricultural appliances


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from 27-08-2019 till 29-08-2019

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Poultry - Regulation equipment - Pressure regulators

Gas pressure regulator -
Alke offers a wide range of pressure regulators for all kinds of heaters.
Contact your local dealer for more detailed information about the different models.

Art. Nr.NameGasPressure (mbar)CapacityConnection incomming Connection outgoing
00510011BP1813Propane50 - 1504 kg1/4”3/8”
00510015BP1813Propane50 - 1504 kgShell8mm hose nipple
00509000BP1813Propane50 - 1504 kgPol8mm hose nipple
00516000APZ 12Propane500 - 140012 kg1/4”1/4”
00516001APZ 12Propane500 - 140012 kgPol8mm hose nipple
00516002APZ 12Propane500 - 140012 kgShell8mm hose nipple
00517000APR 85Propane15004 kg1/4”1/4”
00517005APR 85Propane15004 kgShell8mm hose nipple
00517010APR 85Propane15004 kgPol8mm hose nipple
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